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Wind Kit 1 – Air-X Wind Turbine + Plug&Go Box + Rigging kit

Air Wind Turbine mobile imageAir-X Wind Turbine 12/24V LandAir-X Wind Turbine 12/24V Land – Wind Generator with Microprocessor-based technology – the AIR Wind Turbine is by far the world’s number one selling small wind generator.

Plug&Go Control Box – for Air-X 12/24V

Recommended for basic control and monitoring, the Air-X Plug&Go Box features:

  • Start/Stop Safety Switch – used for breaking the generator when raising or lowering the mast or in severe storms
  • Ammeter – visual display of power recharging the batteries
  • Safety Fuse – protects and isolates the batteries in the event of any short circuit

Why Choose This Product?

  • Performance of AirX TurbineAir-X is ideal for small to medium off-grid domestic living,
  • Also suitable for caravans, mobiles and boats
  • High output at low-cost
  • Sophisticated technology in an efficient modern design
  • Self-regulating
  • Self-installable
  • 12 and 24 Volt versions

The Air Series features:

  • AirX Mounting KitSophisticated internal charge controller;
  • Brush-less neodymium cubic curve alternator;
  • Aerolastic carbon matrix blades;
  • Safety protection electronics controls voltage and rotor RPM;
  • Maintenance-free – Only two moving parts;
  • Exclusive Auto-brake-feature that slows the AIR to a silent spin when the batteries are charged.

Recommended for self-install Wind + Solar Power combination.


  • Rotor Diameter: 46″ (1.15 metres)
  • Turbine Weight: 14 lbs (6.2Kg)
  • Start-up Windspeed: 6 knots (7mph, 2.7m/s)
  • Voltage: 12, 24 or 48 Volts DCRated Output: 400 Watts at 13.4 m/s (30 mph).

ALL-IN-1 WIND KIT CONTENTS – What’s included:

  • AIR-X Land Wind-Turbine
  • Plug&Go Control Box with integral Stop-Switch for safe control or maintenance, plus
  • Ammeter (40 Amp rating),
  • In-line Safety Fuse
  • 6.5 metre Tower Rigging kit – including Steel guys, ground fixings, shackles and turnbuckles etc. (48mm dia standard galvanised steel tube not included)

3 Year Warranty * Maintenance free

Ideal independent wind power solution for remote homes