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Cost Effective Solar Grid Arrives At Right Time

(Published in The Portugal News – 9th March 2013, Issue 1207)

The Portugal NewsWith electric costs continuing to increase, consumers are being hit hard, with families being the worst affected.

Combine rising energy prices with the cost of living, imposed austerity measures and it´s no wonder that many people are struggling to make ends meet.

There is however relief for those who see the value of renewable energy with the introduction of the Solar Grid Free Electricity Generator.

Would you like free electricity
or just cut down your electricity bills?

If you already have company electricity, you can now benefit from solar energy reducing your bills and making a contribution to CO2 reduction.

With the advance of recent technologies, a new European system has come onto the market, making it far easier and cost effective to install solar into a home with grid connection. Micro inverters are devices that take the solar input and produces AC current (the same as supplied by the grid) connected directly to your household supply via any ordinary wall socket.  This type of system produces electricity for your home use. Every watt produced from the Solar Source is a watt you don´t have to buy from the grid supplier. No batteries are needed. No expensive DC control system, no objection or complex permissions and interconnection devices from the Electric Supplier.

The modular nature of the Micro Inverter means that you can start off with only one panel and build up the system as finances allow.

The Solar Grid runs all your regular appliances such as fridge + freezer + washing machine supplying power directly to your house circuit.

SolarGrid-1000 produces up to 6Kw a day on average year round. A careful assessment of your seasonal use along with simple efficiency can reduce the cost of your electricity to zero!  For our clients running pool pumps or irrigation during the day this is an optimum and popular solution.

SolarGrid PV is guaranteed for 25 years to 80% power output. Costs of solar have dropped making this the perfect time for installing a budget priced free electricity generating system for your home or workshop.

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