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Standard Domestic Solar Kit 760 Watts – 4Kw

Standard Domestic Solar Kit 760 Watts – 4KwThis home solar system will produce enough power for medium consumption appliances such as TV, Fridge, Freezer PC etc.  Ideal for the residents with good awareness of power consumption and prepared to run appliances such as washing machines etc with a generator when necessary.
This system has the Outback Power 3000Watt inverter and can be fully integrated with a suitable generator to provide continuous power as if connected to the grid. This system has the Rolls Series 5000 batteries which carry a 10 Year limited guarantee. NB IVA and Delivery is not included in the price.

Consists of
•    4 x 190Wp Solar PV Modules
•    1 X MPPT Solar Charge Regulator
•    1 X Outback Mate Programme control module
•    1 X Outback VFX 3024 3000W Inverter charger Full Sine Wave
•    4 x Rolls Surrette Series 5000 S600AH@C100 Heavy Duty Deep Cycle Solar batteries, with all battery cables,fuses and connecting cables


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