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Spectro-Chrome Light Filters

A Complete Home Health Recovery System

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Dinshah Health Society approved SuperGel Filters
User Guide Books * Filter Lamp
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The Spectro-Chrome system uses the energy wavelength of light to correct physiological imbalances by molecular stimulation.  Our Color Filters are matched to the Periodic Table of Elements.

For easy reference for treatment coordination we recommend the books listed below.

Buy Spectro Chrome Colour – SuperGel Filters

 Spectro-Chrome SuperGel Colors

Spectrochrome for use with LED Light now available!

SuperGel Filters

Complete Set of 16 x 16.5cm
Colours (Total of 25 Filters)

SpectroChrome Filters

SpectroChrome Filter Set

39.45€ +pp

Complete Set of 18
61 x 50cm2

full size SuperGel Sheets
(makes full 12 colour set)

Spectro-Chrome Supergel Colors

195.77€ +pp

Buy individual 16 x 16.5cm
Colour Filters

Choose Filters by Code + add to cart

See Chart below

Price: 1.80 € +pp each

Choose Filter Codes (15 - 79)
Choose Filter Codes (82 - 389)

Spectro-Chrome SuperGel Chart

Books – Practical Manual
& Encyclopedia

! Very reluctantly our book prices are increased
due to high US postal cost to Europe.

Practical Manual for Spectro-Chrome Therapy,

“Let There Be Light”
by Darius Dinshah, S-C N.

A complete A-Z self-treatment guide to the relief of illness by means of colour therapy – diagnosis by symptom, how to tonate, filter selection, do´s and don´ts.

Let There Be Light

(May 2020)

Price: 19.95€ +pp

“Encyclopedia of
Spectro-Chromemetry” by Dinshah Ghadiali. M. S-C

A comprehensive foundational guide to the principles, science and functional use of Spectro-Chrome by the founder, including an account of successful treatment for a wide range of illnesses by the Senior Surgeon, Philadelphia Hospital.

Spectro-Chromemetry Encyclopedia

(May 2020)

Price: 22.95€ +pp

Spectro-Chrome Filter Lamp

Only Sold WITH Filters and Books!

Ideal for Spectro-Chrome filters.

Can be easily mounted and adapted for use.

 S-C PAR Lamp

Price: 27.50€ + pp

 Enquire for Complete Spectro-Chrome Kit (Filters + Lamp)
re. Discount Price + availability

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