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SolarVenti Solar Dehumidifiers

SolarVenti – Solve damp property problems

Solarventi property dehumidifierSolarventi air collectors and solar panels for ventilation, dehumidification and subsidy to heating – Without maintenance cost. Short payback.

SolarVenti air collectors keep the house fresh and dry

Supplied and installed in Algarve, Alentejo and Southern Portugal.

solarventi Spain PortugalHow it works –

Ventilation with heating the SolarVenti has a capacity of approximately 15 -150 m3/ hour. It ensures air in the building is continuously refreshed with warm, dry air. Any humidity or odour is quickly removed. Surplus energy can be used to heat the building. – Simple, efficient and inexpensive!

All SolarVenti models can be fixed to the wall. There is a special unit for roof mounting (*additional costs are charged for roof fixture and coloured frames). Ventilators may be controlled by a thermostat, speed regulator or manual switch.

Choosing the correct size:

Model SV3 SV7 SV14
Dim: 704 x 524 x 55 704 x 1004 x 55 1974 x 704 x 55
Weight: 5.5 9.5 14.0
Solar Power: 230W 500W 1000W
Air Flow: 20-35 m3/ hour 40-90 m3/ hour 60-110 m3/ hour
Temp Rise: Approx. 15o C Approx. 15o C Approx. 30o C
Space Size: Max 25 m2 Max 40 m2 Max 70 m2
Price: 374.00€ 579.00€ 849.00€

solarventi humidity control Prices ex-tax, delivery and installation.

Download Datasheet-english, Datasheet-portuguese

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Installations Algarve & Alentejo Portugal


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