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Standard Domestic Solar Kit 3 – 7Kw 24V DC

Basic Domestic Solar Kit 1

For full-time residence for small families: Fridge, normal appliances and power tools.

Capable of generating 7Kwatts per day (7 hours sunshine).
Capacity of 600 AmpHours (C100), 3 days of reserve without sun.
Peak AC power of 3,000 Watts or 2,000 Watts continuous.

Kit Comprises:

  • 4 x AEG 1560-60 245 Watt 24 Volt German-made Polycrystalline Modules
  • Outback MPPT FM60 – 60 Amp Solar Charge Regulator
  • Outback Mate Programme control module
  • Outback VFX 2024 2000W Inverter charger Full Sine Wave
  • 4 x Rolls S600 600A@C100 Heavy duty deep cycle solar batteries
  • DC Solar Cable (30m), Battery links, DC Fuses

High Efficiency AEG Polycrystalline module – 245 Watts. Laminated toughened glass with lightweight, anodised aluminium ‘Universal’ frame. Warranty 20 years to 80 percent rated power.

This Solar Kit delivers reliable high quality components at the best economic price.

Standard Domestic Solar Kit 3 – 7Kw 24V DC
€ 4,806.36 + IVA + delivery

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