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SolarGrid Grid-tie Electricity Kits 2019

Reduce Your Electricity Cost – Let the Sun Pay!
Choose from 4 Kit Systems – New lowest prices for 2018

– for installation request a free survey – Portugal and Spain

  • Every watt produced reduces your electricity costs and is free of Iva and price increases.
  • “Plug-in” micro-solar solutions designed for domestic grid-connected homes.
  • Runs all your regular appliances, such as fridge + freezer + washing machine, supplying power directly to your house circuit.
  • Ideal for garages, carports, terraced, family houses and commercial installations.

Everything supplied in one price!

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  • 1 x250 Watt S-Energy Polycrystalline PV
  • 1 x 240 Watt APS Y-250 Micro-Inverter
  • Standard Roof Mounting
  • AC Disconnect, Cable 2 x 15m x 4mm
  • 2 x 250 S-Energy Watt Polycrystalline PV
  • 1 x 500 Watt APS Y-500 Inverter
  • Standard Roof Mounting
  • AC Disconnect, Cable + 2 x 20m x 4mm
Peak Power:       250 Watts
Per day:             1.56 Kwatts avg
Per year:            570 Kwatts
Max output:        1A at 230VAC 50Hz

Kit Price* 475.00 €

Peak Power:       500 Watts
Per day:             3.25 Kwatts avg
Per year:            1,180 Kwatts
Max output:        2.17A at 230VAC 50Hz

Kit Price* 745.00 €





  • 4 x250 Watt S-Energy Polycrystalline
  • 4 x 240 Watt APS Y-250 Micro-Inverters
  • Standard Roof Mounting
  • AC Disconnect, Cable 4mm 2 x 20m
  • 6 x 250 Watt S-Energy Polycrystalline
  • 1 x 1,500 Watt SMA Sunny Boy Inverter
    + free Internet Energy Monitoring
  • Standard Roof Mounting
  • AC Disconnect, Cable 6mm 2 x 20m
Peak Power:      1,000 Watts
Per day:            6.5 Kwatts avg
Per year:           2,350 Kwatts
Max output:       4.3A at 230VAC 50Hz

Kit Price* 1,475.00 €

Peak Power:      1,500 Watts
Per day:            9.75 Kwatts avg
Per year:           3,550 Kwatts
Max output:       6.5A at 230VAC 50Hz

Kit Price* 1,995.00 €

Download 250 – 1500 Watt SolarGrid Kits – pdf   

All components are warrantied – PV modules to 25 years at 80% rated power output.

Product Options:
  • OWL Micro+ Consumption Energy Monitor
Hand-held display of Energy or Cost
  • SMA Export Compliant Energy Meter
Limits excess grid output

*Prices do not include Iva or transport. Larger systems also available.
Full Kit instructions with backup service.
Installation service subject to survey on request
email your enquiry.


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