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Solar Caravan Lighting Kit

Solar Caravan Lighting Kit plus 275 Watt Pure Sinewave Power InverterIdeal for caravan lighting and garden sheds – the Solar Caravan Lighting Kit provides 3 x 8Watt fluorescent lights for approximately 5 hours per night in summer or 1½ hours per night in winter – without any additional backup.

Solar lighting provides the perfect answer where the local electricity supply is unreliable or unavailable. Ideal for rural households, farms, schools & healthcare or for field use, expeditions and camping.

This solar kit is ideal for providing lighting in remote places such as:

Garden sheds, stable blocks, workshops, boats & caravans –
or any situation where small amounts of power are required and mains electricity is not available.

Kit requires a 12 V battery which is not included. Any 12 V leisure battery can be used.

What´s included in the kit:

  • BP Solar 50Wp module
  • 3 x Tri-Lite 8 W fluorescent light units
  • PRO-505 Solar Carge Controller with battery condition indicator and low voltage load disconnect
  • Panel Mounting Bracket (BPHV-1) for mounting module onto a roof or wall.
  • 3 lights (TRL-8/12); fuses and cabling.

Price: €394.95 + postage

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