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Smart-Home Solar-Grid Battery Backup

Smart-Home – Take advantage of all in one Energy Management

Grid-backup Solution with Solar and UPS Battery Options – for 1-phase or 3-phase properties

  • IMEON Smart-Home InverterMultiple sources can now be easily combined, e.g. PV / Batteries / Grid guaranteeing you constant electricity (Uninterrpted Power Supply) from an optimised energy production.
  • An intelligent solution for intermittent and fluctuating grid and solar energy.
  • Smart-Home Solar-Grid generates a solar KWhour more competitive than the public grid.
  • This is the most versatile all in one Inverter system available today!  Requiring no complex configuration – adapts its own operation by analysing real-time energy sources and consumption patterns.

Optimised Energy StorageImeon Consumption

Only excess production is stored. Battery discharge takes place only to provide complimentary power to solar energy. Highly efficient system optimises battery life.

Pay Less for Your Electricity

Reduced expensive battery storage backup capacity and the price of photovoltaic electricity down to 30% by an optimised all in one energy management compared with traditional off-grid solar.

A much simplified installation as the Smart Home IMEON system adjusts itself and chooses the best optimization of energy.

All in One SolutionImeon-coupling

Smart Home IMEON system is conceived as a Plug&Play solution for all solar installations: Off-grid, Grid-tie, Grid-backup.

4 Operating Modes

  1. More energy produced than consumed

Solar power feeds consumption needs and charges batteries at the same time. It is possible to inject energy into the grid when surplus energy is available.

  1. Less energy produced than consumed

Solar power feeds part of the consumption. The batteries and the public grid provide the balance of energy required.

  1. No production of solar energySmart Solar House

The batteries feed the domestic consumption.  When needed, the public grid provides the balance of energy required.

  1. Grid-failure / Off-grid

The smart solar installation supplies the domestic consumption first and charges the batteries. The batteries provide the power needs during off-solar hours. This function ensures continuous operation of certain appliances under all circumstances.

Intelligent Battery Management

Battery life span is extended with Smart-Home Solar-Grid by minimising battery discharge cycles.  Discharge thresholds are constantly adjusted according to charge production and discharge consumption currents.

Lead, AGM, Gel and Lithium Batteries can be used for energy backup and storage,

Double Output Power

When grid-power is available Smart-Home IMEON accepts double its nominal power.

IMEON 3.6 can draw up to 6KW using 2KW of solar energy, 1KW of battery power, 2KW of solar power and 3KW from the grid for a total draw and output of 6KW.

Smart Monitoring

With your own Energy source selection from the displayed real-time data, you can optimise your own consumption based on production levels.

As a User, from home or remotely via the internet, you have access to:

  • Imeon monitoringRemote monitoring and management
  • Constant monitoring of installation
  • Real-time operational display
  • Ergonomic user-friendly LCD screen
  • Visual alert in case of malfunctions
  • RS232/USB and Ethernet/IP communications option

Smart/Home Solar/Grid IMEON Products Available:

Imeon products available

Smart-Home IMEON 3.6

Nominal output power 3,000 W
Maximum output power 9,000 W

Solar Installation: 1,500 Wp to 3,000 Wp

Battery Backup: 48 Vdc 80 – 160Ah

Smart-Home IMEON 9.12

Nominal output power 9,000 W
Maximum output power 12, 000 W

Solar Installation: 4,000 Wp to 9,000 Wp

Battery Backup: 48 Vdc – 240 – 960Ah

5 years Warranty / Extensions to 10 years (optional)

Take advantage of our in-house design service providing site survey and specifications for all properties to maximise the full benefit from a Smart-Home Solar-Grid IMEON Systems

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