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SolarGrid-Tie UPS Electricity Generator

Enjoy Free Electricity from the Sun

and Save up to 90% Electricity Costs

  • This new type of system works in parallel with the grid giving priority from solar to run all your appliances, pumps etc.
  • Protects your property from grid-failure with an uninterruptable power supply
  • Systems are now available from 2,000 to 7,000 Watts per AC phase.

How does it work?

SolarGrid-Tie UPS is a unique on and off-grid solution supplying electricity you can use – at no cost to you for power generation and requiring no EDP contracts.

Power is supplied during the day from the sun and during grid-failure from a small standby battery bank. Power can also be supplied for overnight consumption – an ideal fully compliant uninterruptable solar electricity power supply for grid-connected properties in Portugal and Spain.

Priority is given to the SolarGrid-Tie UPS before electricity is supplied from the grid. Your property will use the grid only when there is no solar power and no battery capacity.

SolarGrid-Tie UPS draws 0.5 Amps from the grid to meet current loads with the bulk of electricity supplied from the Solar PV or from the Battery Backup – to the capacity of the Inverter size.

SolarGrid-Tie UPS is designed to meet the average AC load with peaks supplied from the grid.

System sizes are offered for single and three phase properties with a solar capacity from 2 to 7 Kwatts for total average consumption loads from 4 to 14 Kwatts.

Solar PV array sizes are usually a little more than the Inverter capacity, i.e. 3.3 KWatts of PV for a 3KWatt Inverter.

Multi-phase properties require one or more Inverters per phase and may require additional Solar PV and Battery capacity.

Energy efficiency can be greatly improved with the use of Smart-Plugs for specific appliances.

SolarGrid-Tie UPS is grid-limited to comply with Portugal 2014 regulations for “Auto-Consumption”. Unlike other European solutions now available in Portugal the “zero-grid” factor is 100% guaranteed and further, it can be regulated should net-metering be permitted.

PT Compliant “Auto-consumption”

electricity you don´t have to pay for

SolarGrid-Tie UPS

SolarGrid-Tie UPS Electricity Generator

SolarGrid-Tie 1500 SolarGrid UPS – 1,500 to 7,000 Watts Power

SolarGrid UPS Kit example

Typical SolarGrid UPS Kit System

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