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Biolet Dry-Composting Toilets

Biolet 55 Komfort modelAn Ideal Domestic Solution for
Remote Homes, Cabins and Temporary Accommodation

Choose from Five Basic Models
  • Standard: Semi-automatic
  • Komfort and Komfort XL
  • NE non-electric: + Solar option
  • Deluxe: Fully automatic
  • Non-electric: Separera 30
  • Basement: Separera 40

2013 Models – Biolet UK and  Europe

The Most Popular Composting Toilet
Now Shipping Portugal and Spain
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BioLet Ecological Toilet System benefits:

Biolet dry toilet uncovered

  • A clean, simple, hygienic and practical solution,
  • Integrated for normal domestic use in the bath
    or washroom,
  • Aerobic decomposition breaks down compostable material into a safe organic product,
  • Good for nature and our pocket with
    no service bills to pay,
  • No waste water polluting our land
    and potentially our drinking water,
  • Easy to install!

BioLet is a biological composting toilet providing sound technological and ecological balance — a perfect solution for our peace of mind.

How Does a BioLet Dry Toilet Work ?

The main job of a composting toilet is to contain human waste and create conditions for rapid decomposition – including any
pathogenic organisms – into humus; a safe stable soil-like substance. This humus product is then an essential fertiliser or
organic nutrient suitable for plant and tree growth. It can be composted and dug into the earth to enrich the soil for nature’s benefit. You may find the compost tray needs to be emptied just once or twice a year.Rapid decomposition requires adequate oxygenation to remove any excess liquid. The air flow that enters the composting toilet ensures this process whilst also eliminating any odour via the unit’s vent pipe. Under typical conditions the process is complete in 60 days but disposal is normally required less frequently. Our own experience is that a natural and healthy diet produces a stable organic waste that is free of odour.A composting toilet is easy, hygenic and safe to use with long term economic and environmental benefits. What is more it includes us in nature’s most natural recycling process!

How BioLet Toilets work on YouTube
from www.freeenergyshop.eu

Biolet principles

How to Install Your Dry Toilet

You can be confident that basic DIY skills are all that is required. Everything you need to install the composting toilet unit is supplied in the box. An installation manual is also provided.

This is what you do:

  1. WITH THE BIOLET TOILET UNIT LOCATED in position in a ventilated room…
  2. (NE Only) THE DRAIN PIPE CONNECTS to the back of the unit, and must then exit to an external drain or soak away – either under the floor or simply through an exterior wall.
  3. THE FLEXIBLE AIR VENT PIPE must pass through the ceiling, or though an exterior wall. Roof–flashing is supplied. The ceiling is securely sealed with silicon and a rain/insect cap is fitted.
  4. FOR ELECTRIC VENTILATION a DC (Solar) or AC (mains) connection is required. The Solar powered models are supplied with a small solar panel which is easily mounted on a South facing elevation –the thin power cable can pass through the roof via the vent pipe.
  5. A COMPOST STARTER BAG is supplied with every model, and you place a small amount of this in the Toilet unit before the first use and then after use each time.

It’s that simple !

Choose Your Model

To help you choose the model that is best for you, be sure to check the


– how many people for occasional or continuous use?


– In cold locations you may need an automatic heating model that maintains an optimum temperature of 18C.


– All AC models are fan assisted. If you don´t have electricity also choose the solar fan option.
All models feature automatically closing compost covers and are made in ABS-PVC and stainless steel.

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A Historical View – A Rich Resource or Flush it away !?It is a curious fact that our western society begun with a very different view from our Eastern neighbours. We in the West saw our human waste as something to be rid off quickly and out of sight. In the East it was considered a rich resource.

How did this happen?

Perhaps in the West the people simply followed the example of our “landed gentry”, the wealthy ruling class, who upon building their castles, simply disposed of their business directly into the mote – the water surrounding their castle. By their fine example perhaps, with the exception of the peasant people, city and town folk disposed of theirs directly into the street with a warning shout; “Guarde Léau!”,until the advent of sewers which continued the trend in a more sophisticated manner.

But in the East, in particular in China and Japan travelling people were often enticed by farmers to use their way-side privy, and in cities human waste was collected and transported out into the neighbouring farm land. It was such that several visitors staying in an Inn would receive a discount in paymentsimply by exchange for their collective deposit of “humanure”!

Neither example was without some serious drawbacks and health risks, which history relates. Today we benefit from technology and knowledge – we understand how to work with nature. A biological composting toilet provides ecological balance – a perfect solution for our human peace of mind. 

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