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Focus Fusion – Domestic Plasma Reactors

Focus FusionMost governments decided 40 years ago to focus on the tokamak (magnetic confinement fusion) — and we’ve been stuck on that path ever since at a cost of $ billions to the taxpayer. A small lab in New Jersey says it can produce fusion power within a year, with a total spend of just a few million dollars. This lab uses a much cheaper and easier method to reach nuclear fusion — called Focus Fusion — with the massive added benefit that its fusion reactors are small enough and safe enough to deploy domestically.

Focus Fusion emits most of its energy in the form of an ion beam and X-rays, both of which can be converted very efficiently into electricity (conventional deuterium-tritium fusion power produces heat, which is then turned into electricity via huge steam turbines).

This allows for the creation of small (5 megawatt) generators that can be located within a neighborhood or town. This reduces transmission losses, and reduces the risk of mass power outages following a disaster or cascading grid failure.

Focus FusionEric Lerner, Chief Scientist, seems confident that Focus Fusion is the future. The science is already there — it’s now just a matter of building the first Focus Fusion device that creates more energy than you put in — the seemingly mythical break-even point. And to build that device, Lerner and the other scientists at LPP Fusion need your help. LPP Fusion has already secured $3 million in funding over the last six years — and now it’s trying to raise some more via an Indiegogo campaign.

More info: http://www.extremetech.com/extreme/184280-focus-fusion-has-cheap-clean-earth-saving-fusion-power-been-right-under-our-noses-all-along

Website: http://focusfusion.org


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