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Under the new law from 15 January small solar systems producing electricity for self-consumption (under 1,500 Watts) are to be exempt from taxation and subject only to a simple registration. No contracts or metering are required.

Solar electricity for home consumption is now be available to every household in Portugal providing home owners with a genuine choice for sourcing electricity without metering or Vat / Iva surcharge.

The new Decree-Law 153/2014 applies from 15 January and simplifies the regulations applying to all grid-connected solar production systems. Essentially all solar production systems are brought into one law. There are two types of system now available:

Production Units for Self-Consumption (UPAC)

SolarGrid - typical installation

SolarGrid – typical installation

Energy from renewable or non-renewable sources produced for consumption at the point of installation.

Excess energy produced may be injected into the national grid.

The design of an UPAC self-consumption system should aim to match energy produced with energy consumed.

The size of the system should be less than twice the grid-connected power – likely to apply only to commercial operations.

Small Production Unit (UPP)

Energy from a renewable source exported 100% into the national grid for profit. This category covers earlier schemes of Mini and Micro energy production, up to an annual quota of 20Mwatts.

Energy that is consumed at the installation, for either of these UPP system types, must be 50% or more of the total energy production.

Solar Production – 2015 Regulations Portugal

Self-consumption electricity criteria 2015Licensing: Insurance against civil liability is mandatory.

Product Range – SolarGrid Electricity Generators – New for 2015

  • New “plug+play” micro-solar solution designed for domestic grid-connected homes
  • Runs all your regular appliances, such as fridge + freezer + washing machine, supplying power directly to your house circuit.

SolarGrid 250

255 Watts
1.62 KWatts avg
1 Amp

Power Generation

Peak Power:
Per Day:
Per Year:
Max output AC:

SolarGrid 500

510 Watts
3.25 KWatts avg
4.3 Amps

SolarGrid 750

765 Watts
6.5 KWatts avg
4.3 Amps


Peak Power:
Per Day:
Per Year:
Max output AC:

SolarGrid 1500

1,500 Watts
9.75 KWatts avg
6.65 Amps

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