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Cameron Aurameter


The Cameron Aurameter is a unusal, highly effective and popular combination dowsing tool.

Available in Chrome-Nickel, Copper and Gold-plated with Custom Carry-case. The new Professional Cameron Aurameter Gold Plate Model is now available!

Distributed throughout Europe. NEW Spring Discounted Prices!

Cameron Dowsing Aurameter with Carry Case

The Cameron Aurameter, devised by Verne Cameron is to the original design, brought to its present day unique standard by Bill Cox, a leading Dowsing and Pyramid instructor and professional dowsing consultant for forty years with world wide experience. Over the years Bill worked to perfect and produce the current device. It is exclusively produced by Fine Media International USA.

The Original Cameron AURAMETER’S vertically adjustable pointer enables the Dowser to experience many sensations and movements. Various modes of adjustment allow code responses to be transmitted from the forward tip to one’s “feeling hand” and eventually throughout one’s entire body. This opens the way to true Dowsing clairsentience – the ability to “feel” & “touch” at a distance.

The Original Cameron AURAMETER’S unique design counter-balances the action between two coil springs, flexible wand, and an adjustable pointer. The instrument detects emanations from persons, creatures, objects, substances or “things”, down to the finest milli-ounce of “push, swing, or pull.”

The Original Cameron AURAMETER was invented and developed over a 22 year period, prior to 1952, by the late Dowsing Master, Verne L. Cameron. It is a truly ingenious device serving five distinct Dowsing functions, replacing the need for L- or Swing Rods, Wands, Pendulums, and Forked Switches.

Bill Cox dowsingBill’s unique abilities in the field of Dowsing have led to locating water, oil, minerals, ores and other substances the world over; serving governments, developers, commercial establishments, water companies, mining operators and domestic clients in a variety of remote locating needs.

He is considered one of the foremost authorities on Primary Water exploration and also the art of Map Dowsing, which serves to target remote, specific sites in advance. This is valuable, time saving reconnaissance prior to the actual field-work.

Original Cameron Aurameter
The Cameron Aurameter moves:

  1. Sidewise as a compass-directional finding instrument.
  2. Wand bobs up-and-down for numbers, measures and letters.
  3. Downward wand-slant applies inertia to screen out week responses.
  4. Wand-inclined upward, reduces inertia when measuring subtle energies.
  5. Oscillates or gyrates as a gravity or inverted pendulum, with pointer held aloft or pointed downward.


The Original Cameron AURAMETERS are of highest quality. All are individually handcrafted, expertly plated, professionally tested and balanced.

Each Aurameter has a lifetime guarantee given against defective materials or workmanship.

The Original Cameron Aurameter:

Available in different plating finishes with custom Carry-case. All precision models are of identical construction, except for the plating used.

  • Chrome-Nickel serves beginners and advanced Dowsers.
  • Copper Plating is for copper sensitive Dowsers.
  • 24K Gold Plated Professional Aurameters serve as a witness sometimes demanded by Treasure Hunters.
The Original Cameron Aurameter –
Chrome Plated

€115.00 + delivery

Copper Plated
€139.95 + delivery

Gold Plated Professional Aurameter
€197.00 + delivery

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Recommended: Also buy the DVD – by Bill Cox, introducing dowsing and demonstrating how to get the best use the Cameron Aurameter for location work of all kinds.

Buy both the “Gold Plated Professional Aurameter” and Book “The Cameron Aurameter in Action – Book by Bill Cox” at no extra shipping:
€211.95 + delivery

The Cameron Aurameter is exclusively manufactured by Fine Media International
– founded in 1985 and dedicated to the service of humanity’s
eternal quest for self-awareness, knowledge and wisdom.

See also http://www.dowsing.com

Units are shipped direct from the manufacturer/distributor for Europe.
Free Energy Shop acts as an agent not a distributor and does not carry stock.



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