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BioLet Standard – Lower Price 2020

The BioLet Standard 

The Biolet Standard (15) is a low-energy dry composting toilet ideal for off-grid locations. It contains an electric heater and fan to assist the composting process, evaporating excess liquids, regulating the temperature and providing additional air flow automatically. The Standard has a manual mixer – simply turn the handle a couple of times after each use!

The BioLet Deluxe is the perfect solution wherever you don´t need the extra capacity of the XL, yet still desire the convenience of a fully automatic system. Supplied to customers throughout Europe

  • Semi automatic
  • Manual mixer
  • Electric -220VAC
  • 3 people full-time use
  • 4 people part-time use

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Semi automatic unit with Electric AC fan assisted ventilation and thermostatically controlled heat element. Ensures optimum aeration with automatic ventilation.

Dimensions: H66 W55 D74 cm

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Included with every unit
Free Bag of BioLet Starter Mulch supplied with every BioLet Toilet
Free Bag of Starter Mulch
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We supply BioLets throughout Europe.
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