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Biolet Separera Non-Electric Toilet

Biolet Composting Toilet

Biolet Separera or Biolet non-electric

The BioLet Separera NE is the ideal model toilet for remote locations where electricity is not available.
Two containers are supplied, one in use and the other for composting storage if required. This model requires a drain tube to a soak-away or to a 5 litre container installed below floor level.

  • Batch Composter
  • Non-Electric (Solar fan option)
  • 2 people full-time use
  • 3 people part-time use

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The original non-flush self-contained toilet.

Dimensions: H67 W55 D88 cm

Dry Toilet Separera NE
Included with every unit
Free Bag of BioLet Starter Mulch supplied with every BioLet Toilet
Free Bag of Starter Mulch

Biolet Separera NE30 - do you need an install kit?

Buy a Solar Fan Option and an installation kit discounted with your Biolet NE!

We supply BioLets throughout Europe.
Please be sure to specify your postal code with your order.
Thank you.


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