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Biolet Komfort 55

For larger families or residents, the BioLet Komfort 55 or Komfort 65XL is the right choice. These units are fully automatic, the XL has a 40% larger composting chamber, two heating elements, ventilation fan, advanced mixing mechanism, and excess liquid sensor. Previously tested and approved by various national sanitation departments worldwide, the BioLet XL has exceeded all testing requirements by a wide margin and was proven to be the safest composting toilet available.
Biolet 55 Komfort model

  • Fully automatic
  • Electric -220VAC
  • 4 people full-time use
  • 6 people part-time use

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Two heating elements ensure optimum efficient composting temperature of 18ºC. Thermostatic ventilation removes moisture. Automatic mixing occurs after each use.

Dimensions Komfort H65 W55 D71 cm

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Included with every unit
Free Bag of BioLet Starter Mulch supplied with every BioLet Toilet
Free Bag of Starter Mulch
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