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Almag Pulse Magnetic Therapy

Pulsed magnetic therapyThe Almag – Ideal for Home Therapy

The Almag magnetic pulse device provides a therapy solution for personal use. The human body receives a therapeutic effect from the travelling pulsed magnetic field. The device can be applied both by physiotherapists and by a patient for home use.

Pulsed Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy undeniably promotes the body`s own restorative function in the healing process by direct stimulation – without surgical intervention, without drugs, without side effect.

PEMF therapy is becoming increasingly recognised as an effective treatment for removing or alleviating pain issues and an effective treatment for arthritis and speadier healing of bone fractures.

The Almag uniquely has traveling pulsed magnetic fields which are deeply penetrating.

Almag boxed magnetic therapy europe

Magnet PEMF therapy, arthritis osteoporosis relief

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Almag PEMF Specification:

For use with AC 220V, consumption no more than 35 Watts.

  • Weight: max. 0,62 kg
  • Magnetic induction is 20+/-6 mT (200 Gauss).
  • Pulse frequency: Averages to 7.8 Hz
€227.00 + delivery

Customer satisfaction:
PEMF Therapy is proven and safe. Our complete confidence guarantee –
if you are not pleased with this product we will refund your payment (please see our terms).


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