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Grid-Tie Solar for self-consumption
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Sustainable Life Solutions
for Home Power, Environment & Health

Changing the Way People Think About Energy!

ENERGY is our most natural universal resource– available in diverse forms for our use in generating electricity, heating and powering our homes, fuelling our vehicles, improving our health and our environment.

FREE ENERGY SHOP offers complete solutions for all your renewable energy needs:

SolarGrid Electricity Generator Auto-Consumo Kits,
Dometic Energy Monitoring, Off-Grid Solar Systems,
Solar Dehumidifiers, Water Well/Bore hole/Pool Pumps,
Deep-Cycle Batteries, Biolet Dry-Toilets,
New – Magnetic Health Therapy, Spectro-Chrome Light Therapy

Start Saving Today—install a SolarGrid

250 – 1,500+ Watt Electricity Generator Kits for Self-consumption

SolarGrid Self consumption

SMA Solar-Log Solarbau+ Home Energy Remote Monitoring and Zero-Grid Controller Options/p

  • Every watt produced reduces your electricity costs and is free of Iva and price increases.
  • “Plug-in” micro-solar solutions designed for domestic grid-connected homes.
  • All components are European manufactured and warrantied
  • Everything supplied for installation
  • Installations provided on request

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Use our free consulting service to help you identify solutions to match your
specific requirements (renewable energy sector U.K., Portugal and Spain since 1997)

  • We supply complete kits for easy self-installation, distribution throughout Europe, and
  • We arrange installations for you as required – now in Portugal, Spain and U.K.

Our unique range of free energy products, chosen from our personal experience,
offers a variety of viable and practical ways of harnessing and
using free-energy alternatives to fossil fuels.

FREE ENERGY SHOP will help you

  • lower your carbon footprint,
  • live a more sustainable lifestyle,
  • improve your health and environment.

is a cooperative enterprise project –
changing the way people think about energy

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