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About us

Free Energy Shop is the retail partner of Rainbow Solar Trading - installers of Renewable Energy technology. (renewable energy sector U.K and Portugal since 1997).

We provide our clients with a comprehensive supply and install service - in the UK registered with the DTI "Clear Skies" grant funded scheme and in Portugal since 2002.

is a cooperative enterprise project –
changing the way people think about energy.

We are based in in Portugal and ship throughout Europe.

Rainbow Solar & Free Energy Shop

Complete solutions -

for all your renewable energy needs

Specialists in Domestic micro-grid-tie and off-grid electricity matched to your needs and budget. Also we offer to supply and install:

Solar Water Well/Bore hole/Pool Pumps
Solar Thermal Water heating * Pool heating
Deep-Cycle Battery Recovery - Desulphation,
Biolet Dry-Toilets * Wood-fired heating

Please call or email our free consulting service
to help you identify solutions to match specific requirements

With our cooperative partners SolarShop.co.uk and SolarSky.com Spain we supply throughout Europe and install in Portugal, Spain and UK.

OUR AIMs are:

  • to provide Renewable and Alternative Technology - dependable energy solutions that you can rely upon with excellent service and warranty backup.
  • to Work Cooperatively to exchange information and services for mutual benefit,
  • to simply give you the choice;

Energy is a Natural Resource - how you generate the energy you require is your choice.

LIVING OFF-GRID - oriented to Sustainable Living is the prove of our experience we bring to all our customers.

Our expertise ensures:

  • Our technology can be relied upon and will be maintainable with our service and warranty backup.
  • Energy-efficient solutions, we don´t just sell you a system, we will help you provide a good match for your energy use, economy and energy-efficiency awareness.

NEW ENERGY SOLUTIONS are coming onto the market. We can provide useful advice for your information, research and availability of new energy technology in kit form and commercial pre-order.